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Building peace


" Peacebuilding covers a broad range of measures implemented in the context of emerging, current or post‐conflict situations and which are explicitly guided and motivated by a primary commitment to the prevention of violent conflict and the promotion of a lasting and sustainable peace”






Guidance on evaluation of conflict prevention and peacebuilding activities : working draft for application period. ©OCDE 2008



Building peace


In the following domains, Peace Support puts at your service high qualified women and men with several years of experience in peacebuilding organizations, working with communities and countries confronted with violent conflicts.


Preliminary explorations and analysis of conflicts affected contexts


For our clients, we make resaearch (documentary and/or field works) on peace issues covering our fields of expertise.

We identify the concerned actors, the needs, the security. We proceed to analyses on the conflicts: protagonists, positions, nature, sources, dynamics etc.


Dialogues facilitation


To think of a space of fertile dialogue is an art which ensues from a deep understanding of the women and men that we want to mobilize, as well as an acute knowledge of the history, the  ongoing context and the culture.

We insure our clients to lead such dialogues, at the community and/or national levels, with relevant skills of moderations of heterogeneous groups and crossed by interests and by values often perceived as divergent.


Community security and development plans


To survive, a community needs to insure its security, to develop and to firm up its capacity of resilience.

We accompany our clients in the assessment of endogenous and exogenous multiple risks, in their mitigation / reduction and in the design of local development plan  to insure supplies of public services and address the questions of extreme poverty.


Support of mediation processes


To engage a process of mediation implies  building a  minimum of reliability in order to bring the parties around the table, maintain them there usefully, convince them to give up the hostility and the competition.

We insure our clients the operational support to reach these results by assuring a secure and reassuring framework, convenient to the opening and to the exchange. In case of agreement, we can participate, if needed,  in the accompaniment and in the follow-up.


Advocacy  and lobbying


Sensitising  decision-makers in a human rights causes,  raising awarness of the actors in the necessity of a change towards the peace, to calling out to the commitment of the citizens,  are so many needs  which organizations and communities are confronted with.

We give to our clients the best forums and our local, national and international networks to bring to more recognition of their causes and so influence the future towards more peace.




The local organizations often have difficulty in assuring their presence in the Forums  of international brilliance,  while the big organisations need to rationalize their Repersentation costs in these Forums.

We assure the representation of our clients in the international Forums where they wish to secure a presence and a visibility


Peace processes evaluation


The need to measure the relevance, the effects, the efficiency and the durability  of conflict prevention and  peace buildingof  interventions is  more and more demanded in order to be to appreciate the quality of  of peace policies and programs, identify best practices and define standards suited for the future operations.

We do the evaluations for our clients by using coordinated, innovative and only approaches to appreciate varied activities, often taking place in fragile States and in highly politicized environments.





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