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 Projects management


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Project management covers all  operations related to the life cycle of a project : identification, strategic planning, operational programming, monitoring, evaluation and lessons learned from experiences.
It is based on the theory of  change and aims to reach results, objectives or rights.






Projects management



Participatory assesment of needs and actors

According to the  terms of reference indicated by our clients, we proceed to a preliminary analysis of needs and actors of the context, as well as  operational conditions. To this end we start at first by examining  the existing documentation (reports of the other bodies, literature on the subject and the context,  official statistics, funding options, etc.), then we make a visit on the place of intervention, to hear the future partners whose points of view are key element  of the analysis which  allow to guarantee the relevance of the planned intervention and help for an effiscient implementation . A report is established after this evaluation to enlighten the client and inform his decision to go forward.

Programmatic stratégies


At request of our clients, we identify and analyze tracks of potential interventions taking into account the specificity of every context. We draft convergent and complementary peace projects / programs which fit to the peace dynamic of the country or the sub-region


Writing concept-notes


After this first evaluation, we also can,  if our client asks for it,  draft a concept note  which sketches for the attention of a  financial and/or technical potential partner, a tracks of actions to help start a  discussion.  The main donors  have often their own strategy and conforming to their requirements may increase  opportunities of collaboration. We pay attention to put the best possible chances on the side of our clients.


Donors analysis


The analysis of the donors is a key for succeding in funding. To know donors expectations, their constraints, their networks of usual partners, their objectives in the country, in the domain, their appreciation of the risk, their momentum as well as the human dynamics of their teams is often an element of success. We put at the service of our clients, our network and  experience accumulated over the years.



Writing projects proposal


We accompany our clients in the different phases of  building project architecture: formulation of the vision, definition of objectives, setting intermediary and final results of actions, risks  analysis and mitigations measures. We help clients to  estimate their  expected results, define indicators and means which altogetehr is put in a logical framework as expected by the funder. 


The  project document so produced is completed by a document of strategic planning and ready to be submitted for a financing.





We accompany our clients in the submission of their projects. When these are developed on the basis of a call for proposals, we accompany the client so that he satisfies all the conditions required by the cal and so that it is sent right in  times to the rifht destination. If the project is about a personnal intiative of our principal, we accompany him to identify potential financial partners and inform him about their criteria and requirements.


Implémentation, monitoring and projects évaluation

If our clients wish for it, we implement projects according to their directives or we intervene punctually during the projects implementation to insure the parts for which, they do not possess the necessary expertise. We proceed to external evaluations ex ante of peace projects as ask expected today by most of the donors,  public or private. We accompany processes of internal evaluation of peace projects, for purposes of learning and capitalization by organisations.







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