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Peace capacity building


The peace capacity building covers all the actions by which  individuals, organizations and the community release, create, strengthen, adapt and protect their capacities to make the peace over the years in a long-lasting way.



Peace capacity building


We support our clients on three dimensions, miso, meso, macro, of the strengthening of capacities:  human capacies,  organizational capacities and of institutional capacities globally.

We help to make the diagnosis of the existing capacities (types, localizations and quality) and to develop actions in order to address the gap and develop strategies to built  a  culture of peace :


Peace education


Peace Support intervenes in the  peace education  for the benefit of individuals,  organizations or  the community in general. These interventions include the education in human rights and the education in citizenship.  Inteventions go beyond the formal teaching to  the long-term change process for a peaceful, responsible society which values the  human rights.


Conflicts resolution

Through participative workshops, Peace Support accompanies the leadership strengthening for  committed iindividuals active in the peace building. On request, Peace Support accompanies the acquisition of skills in alternative conflicts resolution. It provides trainings on peacebuilding tools of conflicts analysis, negotiations, mediation, groups moderations. Peace Support can also train and accompany leaders to transform tense interpersonal relations, aggressive functionings and situations of conflicts within their organizations / communities


Strenghtening women and youth


Peace Support supports its clients in their work with  women and  young people, in particular with the aim of their participation  in the  decisions makings through civic training and gender mainstreaming. It will also accompany the interventions of  access to employment and  income generating activities. 


Organisations strengthening


Peace Support  accompany organizations, local or national, state or civil society, private or public, wishing to strengthen their collaborative culture in the domains of  negotiations,  communication and consensus building. It  also do a coaching and some custom-made supervision. Public or private, governmental or non-governmental, their actions can contribute to the social cohesion, but risk also sometimes, without they wish it, to aggravate conflicts.


Community capacity stregthening

Peace Support facilitate dialogues at the community level and train on a crucial questions as  conflicts resolution,  local Development plans or  local  safety plans. It also strengthens  administrative competencies, communication and other essential skills which help to reach the community objectives.


Renforcement des capacités du systeme au niveau national et régional


Peace Support accompanies the State bodies and the civil society organisations working in  the peace building in their efforts for an active participation of  communaute in the formulation, the implementation and the evaluation of the public politicies. It helps organizations and groups of interestin in the  dialogue with the public, without exclusion, nor discrimination and for the benefit of all the members of the society, particularly  marginalise and vulnerable groups. Peace Support helps in search of convergence and of complementarity of the peace actions at the national and regional levels.


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